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GA021  Office Stationery Set / Stapler / Brush / Hole Punch Clip Dispenser
4.93 - 5.77 / Min. Qty: 500
Office stationery set is made of good quality plastic and we can print your design logo on the side. And this set is great for office and home which includes a durable puncher stapler keyboard brush and clip holder....

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PS002  Dog Flea Comb / Dog Brush
0.50 - 1.38 / Min. Qty: 100
Dog flea comb is made of ABS and stainless steel needle. It has a tight row of thin teeth that was design to remove lice fleas and lice eggs. Perfect for pet dogs or cats! Small convenient plastic comb.

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705-6366  Retractable Pet Brush
2.95 - 3.45 / Min. Qty: 50
Durable pet brush cleans easily with one push button. Pricing includes a pad printed, 1-color imprint on one location. Size: 8-1/4" x 4-3/4" Imprint Area: 3" W x 3/4" H Product ...

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0.92 - 1.02 / Min. Qty: 200
Let's Keep This Clean -Easy to use non-static 2-in-1 monitor brush -Bristle brush end for keyboard cleaning -Soft screen cleaner end is great for monitors and cell phones -Imprintable slide-on case Available ...

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3350-43  Extendable Ice Scraper Brush
11.98 - 15.10 / Min. Qty: 36
Don’t get left out in the cold! With this ice scraper you can reach the toughest parts to clean. This ice scraper and brush extends up to 45”. The rotating brush allows up and down and side to side brushing.

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IMDPB01  Dust Tray w/Brush
1.59 / Min. Qty: 250
Compact dust pan and brush set. Brush fits neatly inside the pan for easy story with a large hole for hanging on a hook. Can be used for cleaning keyboards, large calculators, desk tops, highchairs and more.

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401  Long Boy Ice Scraper & Brush
2.13 - 2.32 / Min. Qty: 150

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VS2860  Desk Cleaning Brush & Dust Pan
1.79 - 2.05 / Min. Qty: 200
Desk cleaning brush, 4 3/4" dust pan and a hole for hanging it all up.

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DM279  Letter Opener w/ Computer Brush & Screen
1.38 - 1.49 / Min. Qty: 1
Union Printed, Translucent Colored Letter Opener with Computer Brush & Screen Cleaner, Full Color Process Epoxy Label Dome Print Included. A Full Color Artwork for Just One Set-up Charge! - NO MINIMUM- Decorated ...

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DM281  Full Color - Sqaure Magnetic Clip
1.59 - 1.71 / Min. Qty: 1
Union Printed, Wide Square Shaped Magnetic Memo Clip, Their ridged teeth provide a secure hold on countless light objects, Ideal for holding note, memo, coupon, message, and more. Post them on any metal surface ...

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DM284  Tape Measure keychain,
1.13 - 1.24 / Min. Qty: 1
Union Printed, Tape Measure keychain, This keychain tool Includes a 39" Tape Measure, for precise measurements, Retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement and accuracy, Superior internal mechanism provides ...

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2224  Deluxe Snowbrush
2.95 - 3.55 / Min. Qty: 150
Deluxe Snowbrush

This heavy-duty snowbrush is available in a wide variety of colors. It is functional attractive value priced and designed to withstand the worst winter. Please specify handle and blade ...

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264FA  24" Foam Handle Snowbrush
5.99 - 6.90 / Min. Qty: 50
24" Heavy duty, foam handle durable snow brush.

Keywords:America, American, Auto, Automotive, Automobile, Automobiles, Blade, Bladed, Campaigns, Car, Clean, Client, Comfortable, ...

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2710XM  Super Extender Snowbroom
10.95 - 12.68 / Min. Qty: 50
31" Telescoping Handle Extends to 4 feet. Black Coated Steel Handle with Foam Grip. Shipped unassembled for better shipping capacity. 9" Wide Snow Brush / Squeegee. 4" Wide Ice Scraper.

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300600  Lint Brush with Mirror
1.52 - 1.87 / Min. Qty: 250
• Folds to Compact Size • Perfect for Travel • Durable Perfect personal item for purses, travel, convention, home, medical giveaways, briefcase, car, office, and more

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BRUSH A026  Computer Sweep W/Letter Opener, Keyboard Brush
1.25 - 1.46 / Min. Qty: 150
Three great products in one! Slide out keyboard brush,convenient screen sweeper and letter opener with intergral safety blade.

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GRIPPER E234  Hand Gripper/Massager
1.47 - 1.82 / Min. Qty: 100
Massage away sore muscles with the silver pressure point node and curved, ridged edge. Increas grip strength, too- just squeeze, release and repeat.

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MASSAGER E437  Mini Massager
1.09 - 1.34 / Min. Qty: 150
Mini Massager is four times the fun! With its quad massaging nodes, you can relax tense areas and revitalize your entire body. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere with this handheld massager. ...

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XDA25  Dust Tray with Brush
1.77 - 2.77 / Min. Qty: 50
2 piece plastic dustpan and brush set. Handy for the car and office. When not in use the brush locks into the tray and has a hole to store/hang anywhere. Includes one color imprint in one location.

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124777  Clean Brush
0.68 - 2.17 / Min. Qty: 500
This kitchen clean brush is made of PP, which is great for cleaning dirty dishes, pots, pans and more! Simply fill the soap reservoir and push the top button to release soap onto the brush.You can also customize ...

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DJ309  Pet Massage Brush
0.65 - 1.20 / Min. Qty: 1000
Pet massage brush is made of soft PVC. Slip on the brush to your fingers while the belt wraps around the back of your hand ensuring it does not slip and slide. It is easily to clean making it a great giveaway at ...

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FN157  Circular Fold In Brush And Mirror
0.58 - 0.92 / Min. Qty: 3000
This compact durable collapsible hair brush mirror is made of ABS and glass. It opens to full size. Built in mirror in handle. Folds into travel size for easy storage. Logo can be printed on the cover. PMS Color ...

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G775  Massage Comb Brush
3.67 - 4.42 / Min. Qty: 2000
Massage Comb Brush is made of plastic, you logo is welcomed. Reward you with a healthy and easy life. Price includes 1 color 1 side 1 location with silkscreen imprint.

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GI101  Silicone Oil Bottle With Brush
1.40 - 1.48 / Min. Qty: 500
Made of silicone, poisonless harmless and high temperature resistance. Custom logo can be imprinted with all colors.

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GJ021  Felt Brush
0.51 - 0.53 / Min. Qty: 1000
Felt Brush is made of floss which can keep your shoes clean and shiny. You can put it into your bags when you go outside, it's easy to carry. Custom logo can be imprinted with all colors.

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GJ159  Cloth Wash Glove / Mitten
3.13 - 3.15 / Min. Qty: 1000
Foldable frisbee brush / folding fans brush is made of superfine Fibre. It's a easy cleaner folding brush, which can be the best tools to bring up the work ability of your kids.Then, it has a large imprint area....

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GM043  Hair Comb / Brush
2.11 - 2.32 / Min. Qty: 200
This product can be used on any and all hair types. It is good to open tangled hair, reduce pain, reduce hair loss, and avoid hair damage hair layer.

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GR108  Double Side Wodden Dense Comb
2.60 - 3.17 / Min. Qty: 500
The comb is made of pockwood. It is good for your hair. It can prevent static electricity. Perfect item for souvenirs, promotions, advertising.

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GR110  Dog Flea Brush / Dog Comb
0.46 - 0.57 / Min. Qty: 3000
Dog flea comb is made of ABS and stainless steel needle. It has a tight row of thin teeth that was design to remove lice fleas and lice eggs. Perfect for pet dogs or cats.

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GS098  BBQ Silicone Basting Brush
0.36 - 0.62 / Min. Qty: 300
This BBQ brush comes with food grade silicone and PP plastic handle. This pastry brush set great for grilling, marinating, turkey baster, barbecue utensil and desserts baking.

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92 Products - Pg: 1 of 4 
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